PhysicalQuantities Documentation

PhysicalQuantities is a Python module that allows calculations to be aware of physical units. Built-in unit conversion ensures that calculations will result in the correct unit.

The main goals are:
  • easy use, especially conversion, scaling and interoperating with different units
  • focus on using units for engineering tasks
  • provide logarithmic dB calculations
  • allow seamless Numpy array operation

The module also contains an extension for IPython. This allows much simplified usage by typing in physical quantities as number and unit:

>>> a = 1m ; b = 1s
>>> print("a=", a, ", b=",b,", a/b=", a/b)
a= 1 m , b= 1 s , a/b= 1.0 m/s

The Github repository for this module can be found here:

This module is based on the IPython extension by Georg Brandl. It was converted into a standalone Python module and extended heavily to be as flexible as possible. The original extension can be found here:

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